Drone-Pro When a cinematic movie needs to be produced and an extraordinary subject is desired Drone-Pro Photography is about capturing souls not smiles! Go to website Drone-Pro Photography is not what you see but what you make others see Go to website Drone-Pro A picture is a secret about a secret the more it tells you the less you know Drone-Pro Photography is the only language that can be understand anywhere in the world! Go to website Drone-Pro Often it's is more important to click with people than to click the shutter! Go to website Drone-Pro As a special moment needs to be photographed When an exceptional picture needs to be made Go to website Drone-Pro Don’t shoot what it looks like shoot what it feels like! Drone-Pro An essential aspect of cinematic creativity is not being afraid to fail! Drone-Pro The picture you are going to take tomorrow should be your favorite shot! Drone-Pro Photography is an art of observation It has everything to do with the way you see it Drone-Pro Light makes photography... Embrace light! Admire it! Love it! Drone-Pro A job as a photographer is to seduce, amuse and entertain! Go to website